Top 20 Most Beautiful British Cars of All Time

Before I’ve even started, I know I’m going to have to justify and defend my list of the most beautiful British cars of all time. Before you get the pitchforks out and light the torches, this list has a few surprises in it in comparison to the usual lists. I’ve tried to be a bit different in an attempt to avoid being, well, boring.

I have also attempted to be slightly more even with the manufacturer choices than the usual lists, as I could have easily filled the 20 places with Jaguar and Aston Martin. I have had to omit my number one choice, the Aston Martin Vulcan, as there are no road legal versions yet.

I have also tried to avoid having two cars that are very similar from the same manufacturer… you’ll see what I mean in the list.

Without further ado, here are my choices for the top 20 most beautiful British cars of all time.


Some describe it as a hearse, but that doesn’t really do it justice now does it?


I’m sorry Reliant Robin fans, but this takes the top spot for the three wheelers.

18) MG MGA

At the age of 25, my dad managed to own one of these and pay for the insurance. Today, I can hardly afford to insure myself on a Fiesta EcoBoost for christ sake.

17) BRISTOL 411

I wanted to include the Bristol Fighter, but the beauty factor was lacking slightly, but not with the 411. I know this doesn’t count toward beauty, but it had a 6.3 litre engine, which is just insane.


Who thought putting a 7 litre engine in this was a smart idea? Whoever it was, they are my hero.


Is there a classier way to arrive anywhere?


Just as BMW bought into the James Bond franchise, the DB7 was released. Imagine one of these in Goldeneye, and not the 12 second cameo from a BMW Z3. It appeared in Johnny English instead…


I had the pleasure of a winter ride in one of these, and it’s still one of my favourite journies of my life so far.

A morning in a Rolls Royce When compiling my dream garage as most petrolheads like to do in their spare time, I never really considered a Rolls Royce. Yes I admired the craftsmanship and attention … 

The article actually appeared in Rolls Royce & Bentley Owner’s club magazine… what do you mean you don’t care?


Another car we British placed a ridiculous engine in. This time a 7.2 litre engine was sufficient. Look at that rear view though, a stunning derrière. Sorry, that’s French. I meant arse.


The other car my dad managed to own at my age, whereas I live in London and rented a Zipcar van for a day…

“The blokiest bloke’s car ever built” – James May


If it’s good enough for the only Welsh James Bond, then it is good enough for me. Yes, Timothy Dalton is Welsh I’ll have you know.


An incredible achievement engineering-wise, but I don’t see the McLaren F1 enough on the beauty rankings. It is properly gorgeous.


As soon as I win the lottery, this is the first car that I will buy. Lightweight, cool and utterly beautiful from all angles.


What a beast. A beautiful beast that is. Brian Johnson, the AC/DC singer has one making it the coolest car in the world.


Simple and elegant design always works when it’s from Britain. The Healey 3000 is no exception. The Rover 200 is an exception.


This was a split decision between the C-type and D-type. I’ve opted for the C-type as it doesn’t have a massive shark fin.


Before the DB5 fan club smash down my door, it was the DB5 or the DB6 Volante for the list. I saw Prince Charles’ blue DB6 Volante once, and that as enough to convince me that it is more beautiful than the DB5… just.


What’s this modern car doing so far up? Well, sorry folks, the McLaren P1 is here to stay at the top of British car lists, so get used to it. Before you shout at your screen, just glance at the picture again.


2nd place… 2ND PLACE?!

I’m afraid so. It is time to accept that the E-type isn’t the most beautiful British car of all time. It may be more impressive as a car than the number one spot, but for me, the top spot is justified.

Also, the hard-top is more beautiful… there I said it.


*Knees weaken*

It was the XK120 or the XK150 for the list, and I just think the XK120 is that tiny bit more beautiful.

For me the XK120 is the most beautiful British car ever made, and always will be.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with me in the comments below.

Via : DriveTribe

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  1. The MGTC, the MGBGT and the TR3A all deserve consideration on this list. And maybe the Triumph GT6+ while we’re tossing around names.

  2. Lotus Europa? Pretty? Wow, IMHO one of the most awkward looking cars of all time. Tremendous fun to drive but pretty is not a word I would use to describe it. Kermit the frog from the front, Ford F series from the back.
    Tough call between the number 1 and 2. Both cars in coupe form are stunning. For me its the E-type however. Somehow it reminds me of the Mach 5 (Speed Racer’s car). Tells you a little bit about my age…………

  3. I agree with the list and really love all the XK Jags, so I was happy to see that you picked the 120 as your top car. I believe the 120-140-150 right up to the MK II were the most beautiful cars ever to be made by any builder, and then they frosted the cake with the C and E Type. I lust after the old Jags more than I do women at this age, and that’s because I’ve had lots of women, but I’ve never had a Jaguar.

  4. WOW…

    Aston Martin DB5? Not.
    Riley RM Series Drophead? Not.
    Jaguar MK V Drophead? Not.
    Rolls Royce P2 Continental? Not.
    Lotus Spirti? Not.
    Lagonda V12? Not.
    MG SA Drophead? Not.
    MG TD? Not.
    MG TC? Not

    Morgan 3 Wheeler? YES!
    Lotus Europa? YES!

    So, why not Allegro, Marina and Velox?


  5. It’s very hard to argue with a #1 pick of the XK120 but I would have to go with the Jaguar XK150S – that ‘as” identifier is very important. If you have a XK150S at a100 point restoration level, the beauty alone is stunning,but with the 3- carburetor configuration (‘S’), the car will drive all day at 100 mph with zero stress on the engine.

  6. Some of these cars certainly deserve to be on this list of 20 Most Beautiful British Cars ever, Some just don’t. Especially when considered against those left off. The Jensen Intercepter? It was a horrible looking car when it was new, which is why it died in the American Market. That spot could have been given to the Squire Roadster from the thirties. It is perhaps the most beautiful sports car produced in any country at that time. If you have not seen one, look it up. Of the Lotus cars, No Original 62 Elite? The Healey 3000 was nice. But looks flabby compared to the Austin Healey 100-4.

  7. Some fine choices to be sure. I would definitely have placed the Triumph TR6, Austin Healey MK3000, Jaguar E-type, and Aston Martin V8 Volante on here, just as you have. The rest chosen are all beautiful as well in their own right. I think for me personally however, the first place car would have probably been the XK150 rather than 120. Just my personal taste.

  8. No XJ 220?
    No Docker Daimlers?
    No TVR Griffith 500?
    No Panther Solo?
    No S3 Jaguar?
    No Daimler Dart?
    No Silver Seraph?
    No Phantom II Landau?
    No DS420?
    Whats going on???

  9. XK150x much prettier than the 120 or 140
    Alvis TD21 drop head coupe is a glaring omission
    If I was going to include a Bristol – and I probably wouldn’t – it would be one of the 1950’s models

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