Singer’s Latest ‘Reimagined’ Porsche 911 Is The Wildest One Yet

There were plenty of gorgeous Porsche shaped things at last week’s Luftgekuhlt air-cooled-only Porsche festival/show last week, but one of the surprises was a 964 911 sorted out by our favourite ‘re-imagineers’ Singer Vehicle Design.

It’s called the ‘Mulholland’ car, and appears to have a OS-map printed all over it. You guessed it, a topographical map of the famous Mulholland Drive in California. Now Mulholland Drive is a famously twisty bit of road slap bang in the middle of Los Angeles that runs vaguely parallel to, and underneath, the Ventura Freeway and Sherman Oaks in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains. It’s been in loads of movies and has its own eponymous feature film, as well as some cracking views (including the Hollywood sign and Downtown LA). But to print it on your car?

Singer itself hasn’t released much info on the car as yet, other than to comment that its part of the Singer philosophy of working with clients to produce pretty much anything to spec, and the customer wanted a capable canyon-carver. Which gives a clue to the other notable external mods: a fixed rear wing with cool little metal uprights, decent rally-ish wheels and a set of podded rally lights up front. One expects the usual raft of modifications under the skin, too, probably with a fast road set-up.

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